device technology is real saving boiler fuel oil boiler furnace coke shipboard fuel

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fuel oil homogenizer Activator of black oil burning TRGA best energy saving technology and equipment

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fuel economy
2.44 - 6 %:

- fuel oil saving ( black oil, shipboard, furnace oil, coking fuel ) for industrial boilers / furnaces;

- complete combustion of viscous, poor quality, watered, substandard black oil, slurry fuel, coke-chemical fuel; efficiency upgrading for boilers and furnaces, for combustion intensification;

- reduction deposits on heat exchangers surfaces, reduction emission, clogging of injectors;

- dispersion, emulsification. homogenization, pretreatment fuel, burning water fuel emulsion;

- composition of polycomponent fuel blends, emulsified water-residual and water-fuel blends;

- different liquids flow mixing and introduction any additives into liquid fuel. TRGA - devices that proved it reliability, long service life, easy mounting and user friendliness;

- works with various fuels in various conditions, long-term real industrial operation at more than 167 objects. Constantly upgrading, involving the advanced techniques, on the basis of feedback with all clients and industrial testing.

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Looking for fuel homogenizer ? I looked through dozens websites about fuel homogenizer from Ukraine, Russia, USA, China, Germany, Sweden, Poland, France ... A lot of brochures, pictures and declarations only.

We show our industrial tests, feedback from our customers, workin information, laboratory tests, photos, our equipment videos and the real practical results.

Our standart fuel savings result is : 2.4-4.1%. Sometimes up to 6% on engines and up to 8% on boilers. It realy works with industrial furnace, boilers,
power stations, diesel engines, tank farms, and as sludge utilization for ports.

It works without water, additives, magnets, other
. See difference ...
fuel economy for boilers power station furnace boiler fuel saving techlogy
fuel economy for boilers power station
fuel economy ship and diesel engine
fuel economy ship and diesel engine
manufacturing the winter diesel fuel from the summer diesel fuel

1. Activators and fuel homogenizers TRGA,

Since 2006, we develop, sell and install a new type of hydrodynamic devices, to increase the combustion efficiency on different types of fuels, increasing boiler and engine efficiency, reducing amount of unburned fuel and emissions.

Our industrial tests in Europe, with fuel and boilers of european quality, and got positive results ( fuel economy 3.7 %) .

Our industrial tests in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Syria, Guinea, Jamaica. Ukraine on various types standard and low quality fuel oil, coke and flooded, polluted, highly viscous fuel oil and slurry fuel
got fuel economy 2.44 - 6 %. Everywhere our equipment shows the best stable results in the most demanding industrial environments.

All our tests were carried out by certified experts in real industrial objects, used scientific and practical methods, expensive test equipment and for a long time.

During the 8 years of exploitation, we got only 3 complaints. We are constantly improving our devices, thanks analysis of hundreds similar devices, consultation with the professors from Russian Federation, Ukraine, Europe and constant feedback with our customers. All our results - documented and openly available for your analysis. Recognition of our results proves using our information and results by other companies in promotional mailings and sites, in journals and dissertations.

TRGA devices have highest quality, durable, easy to install and operate. We made homogenizer fuel not expensive exotic unit, but reliable, low-maintenance, industrial tool with the minimum repayment period.

We offer not only tool, but several technologies, for it successful and effective using. TRGA fuel homogenizer works 2 -4 years or more.
Working temperatures up to 270 Cel. deg. and pressures up to 4
0 bar.
Our experience - 167 completed projects on May 2020.

results of test
with slurry fuel

Guinea 2010

device technology is real saving boiler fuel oil boiler furnace coke shipboard fuel  slurry fuel 4% fuel savings, reduced carbon deposits on the heat exchangers increase efficiency boiler, reducing the specific fuel consumption

other t est
and results

fuel saving device technology improving fuel burning economy diesel fuel black oil reduction emission energy intensity
Low-cost projects in the energy sector, for oil-fired boilers of any design ( quick installation, long work, own maintenance). An example of the triple efficiency of the TRGA fuel homogenizer, with a new tax from the IMF.

Did you know that the IMF wants to impose a global tax on 1 ton of carbon dioxide at $ 70? This will increase the cost of liquid fuel for boilers and ships by $ 200 on average. How to reduce these losses? Several examples of problem solving.
global tax on 1 ton of carbon dioxide at $ 70
2. TRGA – fuel activators and homogenizers.

TRGA is a hydrodynamic devices for dispergation, homogenization, emulsifying water-residual fuel, standart and non standart HFO fuels, for burning watered fuel oil and fuel after the long-term storage with and without water.

Other models used for nonchemical fuel treatment and fuel oil saving. For dispergation, blending, homogenization fuel composition, fuel disintegration, best burning and efficiency improvement, carbon deposit reduction, less injector clogging. Typical tasks:

- mixing multicomponent fuels;
- preparation of watered fuel oil and other fuel emulsions;
- creating suspensions;
- creating stable compositions
- increasing the caloric original of fuel
- addition of additives to diesel and heavy fuel oil;
- recovery and/or utilization disposal of sludge sediment water;
- treatment of heavy oil sludge, slurry fuel and burning;
- improving properties fpr light boilers and shipboard fuels without water;
- some non-standard problems of civil and military applications.

Typical offers for fuel-saving TRGA system for industrial boiler. Three parts - declaration and conditions (for managers), images and effects (for technicians) and detailed explanation (for experts).
burning standard HFO
before treatment

saving heating fuel economy fuel oil resin furnace diesel fuel

burning standard HFO
after treatment

saving fuel oil emulsification dispersion homogenization pretreatment fuel burning water fuel oil
3. Examples of TRGA using

TRGA use for boilers and furnaces
- as fuel oil activator - installing after boiler's force pump, for fuel treatment before the atomizer. Other unburned fuel - return to feed tank, providing fuel homogenization in feed tank. It not demand changes standart fuel system and/or the boiler construction. some diagrams... It gives fuel economy 2.44-4.1%.

- Fuel oil homogenizer installed in the feed or storage tank with standard or optional pump for fuel recirculation.

savings cost for fuel, maintenance, disposal of sludge and bottom water. Improvement fuel oil caloricity.

ash content, mechanical impurities, viscosity, injection clogging, carbon black deposits on heat exchangers, smoke and harmful emissions reduction. Reduction flash point and pour point. It is completely reduces costs for disposal sludge and cleaning boilers, and prolongs life of atomizers and pumps. It works without any additives, but with additives it works two times better. It gives direct fuel savings up to 5%.

More .. it enables combustion poor quality fuel, (coke-chemical fuel, slurry fuel) with a higher initial viscosity, with lots of paraffin, with higher flashpoint. It enables burning watered (50% max.) fuel oil - add economy.

You can save money on fuel quality. You can reduce the amount additives to improve the combustion of fuel oil. Your neighbors will no longer see the smoke from your chimney - add economy too.

Comparative examples burning heavy fuel oil.

Once again - our fuel oil homogenizer do not require modification existing fuel system, replacement nozzles or pumps. Our systems can work in parallel and with any boilers design - Russian, American, Italian or German.
the results of
installations and reviews

fuel oil homogenizer caloricity improvement, ash content reduction, mechanical impurities reduction, flash temperature drop, viscosity reduction, chill point drop, considerable reduction of injection clogging and of outgrowth formation on the heat exchangers

improvement of fuel complete combustion, black smoke reduction and harmful emissions reduction. Availability of poor quality fuel combustion (fuel oil, coke-chemical fuel, slurry fuel). Availability of watered (50% max.) fuel oil and other fuel combustion

Using TRGA for fuel oil manufacture, for boilers manufacture, for furnaces and bunkering companies.

The result: improved fuel properties, reduced viscosity, ash, pour point, increase strength, improve the fractional structure, the lack of separation for a long time, reducing dispersion of solids, removal clots, destruction of solid carbon particles.

Example - dispersion and homogenization of heavy fuels.

?1 - how much solids passes through the fuel homogenizer TRGA for 1 year - wagon.
?2 - how long black oil retain its new properties after homogenizing via fuel homogenizer TRGA ? - 6 years

?3 - How to slow down the process of settling crude oil / HFO and reduce the amount of sludge ?- here

TRGA fuel homogenizer works 2 - 4 years or more...
up to 8 - 9
improved fuel properties, reduced viscosity, ash, pour point, increase strength, improve the fractional structure, the lack of separation for a long time, reducing the dispersion of solids, removal of clots, the destruction of solid carbon particles
Using - TRGA modules for processing ship fuel without additives or water.
Tested for reliability - uptime more than 1.5 years.

Result : reduction viscosity (15%), ash ( up to 40%), pour point (5-10%) dispersion of particle, reducing coke (10-30%), amount of sludge which is separated by standart fuel separator, smoke, removal clots.

Fuel economy is 4%. Tests carried out by a certified laboratory in Slovenia.

Description of the pilot project. Technical offer. Useful information. PSSF technology presentation. TYPE APPROVAL Certificate IACS. Pilot project. Decrease specific consumption of diesel fuel on diesel generators.
Movies (1-4) - marine fuel savings, reduced smoke.
Movies (5-8) - marine fuel savings, reduced smoke.

Tallin 2013 – test on ligth diesel fuel.
Modernization of the system for the preparation of fuel for the ship's boiler (tanker)

In these schemes, TRGA fuel homogenizer works 3-6 years...
reduced viscosity, reduced ash content, lower pour points, reducing the size dispersion of solid particles, reducing coke in the fuel, the total decrease amount of sludge which is separated separator opacity removing clots

reduced viscosity, reduced ash content, lower pour points, reducing the size dispersion of solid particles, reducing coke in the fuel, the total decrease amount of sludge which is separated separator opacity removing clots

Using TRGA modules for manufacturing " winter diesel fuel from summer diesel fuel " in a stream. Installations for fuel tank farms,
standard gas stations, storage of diesel fuel, ships, military ...

Result : lower temperature limit of filterability increases from "-9" up to "-25 - 31" Celsius deg. Reduction pour point of summer diesel fuel up to "-40 -45" Celsius deg. Confirmed by the results of analyzes and 3-year industrial exploitation in winter conditions of Russia and Kazakhstan. Without heating the diesel fuel. This process replaces the fuel dewaxing.

The same results were obtained for low viscosity marine fuel.

Removing wax (
paraffin )
from diesel fuel. Removing sulfur from diesel fuel.
The history of the equipment.
Recycling and residues of petroleum products for tank farms.
How to reduce losses in transit crude oil tanks.
manufacturing the winter diesel fuel from the summer diesel fuel

lower temperature limit of filterability from "-9" up to "-25 - 31" Celsius degrees. Reduction in the pour point of summer diesel fuel up to "-40 -45" Celsius degrees
3. Examples of fuel treatment or why treated fuel burns better.

Our results are clear and understandable
. We do not use magnets, torsion fields, energy of space, vibration waves or information-oriented molecules or clusters. We make photos of the results of fuel treatment with TRGA and customers reports of testing results. These documents do not need any additional comments. Examples :

- burning the heavy oil sludge before and after treatment.
- saving black oil, recycle waste oil residues and oiled condensate water in the ports and tank farms.
- our equipment allows to obtain a finely divided suspension, coal in water and minerals in oil.
- reduction on soot and unburned asphaltenes on oil fired boiler's heat exchangers.
the results of
fuel processing

improving  properties of fuel oil fuel oil with water homogenization emulsification dispersion homogenizer dispersing emulsifier

4. Essential differences from competitors’ technology.

Conceptual points:
- We design and produce our own construction and invest a great deal of the earned funds into modernization and experiments.
- We are in constant contact with each client and take into consideration all comments and remarks, as well as the experience of practical use.
- We continuously watch over similar equipment and know-how in Russia, Ukraine and U.S.A., we also study the correspondent patents
- We optimize your expenses and reducing accompanying expenses for purchase and installation.

Technical points:
We have created a reliable device with no moving parts, seals and gaskets, with a minimum hydrodynamic resistance and the highest quality of fuel treatment. We have created a series of modifications for different engineering processes, each device best meets the customer's objectives. All TRGA devices are manufactured with a great safety margin both due to their structure and used materials. Our devices have a maximum degree of fuel processing with minimum power consumption.

Power dissipation inside fuel homogenizer TRGA is equal Makarov pistol bullet caliber 9 mm = 478 Joules.
our sales

TRGA TRGA cavitator dispersing homogenizer principles of business philosophy warranty certificate

technical different
from analogues
certificates and warranty

homogenizer emulsifier activator TRGA differences advantage Technology Review the description of the result of analysis

5. Mounting procedure (diagrams) and ordering procedure.

Some installation diagrams. Various combinations and additional technical solutions are available. As soon as you fill in the questionnaire we shall forward a detailed draft proposal to be studied by your engineering staff.
As soon as all matters are discussed, coordinated and the optimal technical and financial solution is approved, we shall be ready to perform your order during 5 days (if available in stock) or during 15-25 days (depending on completeness and order complexity).

Work with customers - algorithm, documentation and support.
General diagram,
brief questionnaire
and full questionnaire

schematic diagram of the fuel economy change the fuel properties
6. Untypical task - other technologies.

The main purpose TRGA - processing fluids, but there are task when it is necessary to mix the liquid and granules, liquid and powder, liquid and pulverized coal, peat, manure and more...

We use such tasks as using FERRARY the "formula 1" - for tightening and testing of best designs TRGA. Sometimes are obtained interesting results ...
several examples

homogenizer dispersing emulsifier blender TRGA hydrodynamic cavitation cavitation emulsification homogenization emulsification
7. Сhemistry.
Some tasks fuel processing or the original natural oil can be solved easier, cheaper, with better effect by using chemical additives that are being developed by our partners in Russia.

Our partners have years of experience in developing and manufacturing additives to diesel fuel, gasoline, fuel oil. Some of their results will be published here.
homogenization of the dispersion homogenizer dispersant additive in the fuel blending fuel blends
8. Crude Oil - reduces viscosity and improving.

Using a homogenizer TRGA in petroleum ( crude oil
) refining.

This topic is most clearly manifested all the advantages of TRGA systems and related technical solutions. Namely - high productivity, low specific power consumption per one ton of processed oil, low tendency to clog, minimum flow resistance and high intensity treatment.
All our experience gained over the years on heavy fuel oil and oil sludge.

1. A single treatment with " crude oil homogenizer " TRGA of heavy natural oil, reduces viscosity by 21% without using of solvents and additives.
Сertified laboratory analysis. Article on Linkedin.
How to reduce losses in transit crude oil tanks. Some ideas.

2. The increase extraction of light fractions from crude oil ( increase depth of processing of natural oil or intensification of oil refining ). Myths about the technology crammed internet. Many people say and promise.. First time, we show the results obtained and proved on laboratory crude flash tower that completely mimic the processes occurring in the real industrial crude flash tower.

Each analysis costs $ 4000. We conducted dozens of tests for different grades of crude oil. The average total range increasing extraction (gasoline or diesel, depending from crude oil type and technological regime ) from 3% up to 7%.
All experiments were conducted at our industrial machines, with productivity 25 cubic meters per hour. We can change the processing mode in the direction of increasing gasoline or diesel fraction.

3. "Dewaxing" heavy, highly viscous crude oil. Reduced deposits of crude oil and oil sludge in tanks and transport pipes. The conceptual solution we can explain, prove and discuss...
crude oil viscosity reduction

crude oil viscosity reduction

processing ( refining) crude oil

increase extraction of light fractions from crude oil increase depth of processing of natural oil or intensification of oil refining

Dewaxing heavy, highly viscous crude oil. Reduced deposits of crude oil and oil sludge in transport pipes

dewaxing crude oil
crude oil viscosity reduction

9. Development of technologies, business development.

We are looking for new serious partners
. Promotion of existing technologies to new markets. Improvement of existing technologies and finished their commercialization. Ready-technical solutions that are not published on the website but easily commercialized and are attractive for a variety of industries and individuals.

The high demands and good perspective for honest work. We will give much, but require much too. 1 new partner per 1 year will be a great result. together we can do more. agent - vacancy description.
looking for new partners
10. Free test of our equipment. Motives, Factors, Ideas ...

Some people want to try our equipment before full payment. We understand why.
We divide these people into 2 categories - “freeloaders” and “cautious”.

First - never pay, are looking for new businesses, buy, resell replicate samples or simply take money from the end customer, under the pretext of a contract with us.
Second, unfortunately, have bad experiences with the scammers, who promised them the wonderful effects, they do not trust anyone, but the problems remain and need to be resolved.. We are ready to talk with the second, with cautious. To make the project, both of us must complete several important steps. more ...

free test TRGA systems
I have seen a lot of sites from U.S., Europe, India, Russia on fuel economy, fuel water emulsion, nano fuel etc ... but apart from images, computer models, common phrases, declarations about fantastic fuel economy and as maximum brief information about installing 3-4 units - I not find anything else. On Dec 2018, we made 161 successful installations of our system, most of which continue working successfully in hard industrial conditions. Look at our honest growth story, step by step, day by day, and how some people are deceiving you and even more ...
homogenizer dispersant India nano fuels oil nano black oil controlled cavitation
A working prototype for a home installation, for the production of a disinfector.
Kills a wide variety of bacteria and some viruses (the Covid-19 virus has not been tested).

Maybe you do not need it. Perhaps you can buy it elsewhere. If not, we will sell the prototype for mass production. You will not be dependent on pharmaceutical companies and the availability of disinfectants in pharmacies.
Home installation for the production of disinfector
Non-volatile (does not require electrical energy) apparatus for long-term artificial lung ventilation RAMS.

Used in the 60s on the first nuclear submarines of the USSR. The main purpose is to save the specialists of the fuel group, in case of poisoning by vapors of liquid rocket fuel. The function of safe long breathing is the right amount, the right pressure, the right humidity, the right oxygen content. No complications for the lungs. No risk of personnel infection. It works without electricity for an unlimited time. Drawings, detailed description. More details ...

Non-volatile (does not require electrical energy) apparatus for long-term artificial lung ventilation RAMS
fuel homogenizer

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declaration of competitors
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