dispersing homogenizer cavitator price
fake and falsification

dispersing homogenizer cavitator fake and falsification

1. Price.

Your price is higher than others,” they told me today.
I agreed. Causes :

1. My devices are honest. They provide the claimed effect.
2. My devices are effective - they need minimum consumption for 1 c. m. products = 0.1-1 kW.
3. My devices are successful - they provide the result in one processing, when other devices require 2-4 processing.
4. My devices work for a long time and provide the declared effect of 2-7 years.
5. For all the time of work - my devices never break.

I develop my devices & schemes for their application individually and put all the accumulated experience from 167 successful projects into it. My site is not declarations and promises, ( like others ), but more than 400 own photos, more than own 100 films, several industrial tests, dozens of positive reviews, an open development history, publicly posted results, for criticism and analysis.

The main thing is that the payback period of most systems does not exceed 4-7 months.
I have been practicing for 18 years. But if you want to be the object of testing / selling new or unsuccessful devices - buy cheaper. Just remember my address to go back in a year. Gold fakes - always shine stronger than real gold.

2. Counterfeit.

I already wrote
about the gentlemen who love your money more than his conscience and a sense of self-preservation, but look at this problem from the other side - from you.

When I buy a fuel pump, heating element, flowmeter and so on, I carefully read the passport, looking for reviews on the Internet for a long time I twist this thing in my hands looking for faults and characteristics use.

Personally, I did not feelng any sympathy for people who belong to the material and financial funds of their enterprise with big degree of hatred and laziness. For peaple who are too lazy - to find a producer, his website, write a letter or call. Make at least something that would ensure the credibility or reliability of suppliers, producers and security of their investments.

I have already written that 98% of the photos on our site - it's our results, reports and our ispytaniyayu Fraudsters steal these photos.

I have already written that the headless and greedy people will tell tales about fuel saving in 20-30% and if you believe in it - then you are the same, you are no better than them and deserve that your project will failure.

I have already written that some people - simply falsifying test, substituting the signature and details of well-known and respectable companies.

And, unfortunately, there are a lot of people who realy believe that their device will work as well as other successful counterparts. It dreamers, but they simply could not test their products practically - and they sincerely want to to see you as first victim ...

History of sales falsification - older than Rome, but always based on flattery, discount, aplomb, your wish to save money and your opinion - what you deserve unique discount and lucky through your life, from birth.

We have reduced the probability of fraud - when published on Contact Us page names of people who are allowed to sell our devices.

We have reduced the probability of technical error - publishing two types of questionnaire ( full and simplified ). And we do not sell any our device without an analysis your technical problem and discuss aor technical proposal.

We show publicly a lot of movies, tests, reviews and aour awards for earn your trust and to facilitate the analysis of our results by your experts.

But we can not uproot your laziness and so :

before you call and complain that "Your TRGA does not work" - please remember:

= Where and when you bought "our device"?
= Did you buy one from the manufacturer or agent?
= Did you fills our questionnaire and do you have our technical proposal?
= If you have purchased our unit at the "other person" (as there are some people with " individual projects" ) - Did you communicated to the central office, for check his authority?
= Finally, do you have tech. passport and a guarantee signed by a device manufacturer?

If TRGA was bought from us - all the problems will be removed.

If you bought a fake, not bothering any letter or call to the manufacturer address - a guilty smile to you in the mirror.

Andrew Ruban

below the typical nonsense & fake which in a network a lot ...

Saving fuel oil!

* Adds up to 20% of water without reducing the efficiency
* Up to 20% of the cost of fuel oil - your income!
* Procuring cheap bad oil (Stale fuel oil, watered oil, waste oils), and BRAVO will make of it a high-quality fuel.
Your equipment will not suffer, will work even longer and better!


but in fact everything is bad

wonderful and magical hydrodynamic cavitators / homogenizers that do not work.

a small collection of the brightest scammers (Russian text)

3. Our business philosophy - here.

We take your money
for :

1. The correct calculation of power supply circuit boilers or furnaces.
2. Select the type of equipment and the rationale for choosing and schemes.
3. Equipment itself, its manufacture, testing and upgrading.
4. Control of equipment and technical support for the entire life.
5. Providing maximum efficiency on the basis of previous experience from other customers.
6. Documentary tests on objects and certificates are issued on the basis of extensive testing - PTH and the EU.
7. Realistically rendered warranty.

Below - the real time operation of some homogenizer TRGA series
( customer support time, after the sale, on our part ).

homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
Object - Makarov-1.
Ukraine, ammunition depot Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Damage - no.
Worked - 2009 -2019.
Model - TRGA-3G-10.
Link, Link.
Object - Commercial seaport, Mariupol, Ukraine,
Damage - no.
Worked - 2009 -2014.
Model - TRGA-3G-03. ( 2 units)
Link, Link.
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
Object - Uglegorsk
(closed military camp), Ministry of Defense of Russia.
Damage - no.
Worked - 2011 -2017.
Model - TRGA-3G-10.
Object - WINDALCO, Aluminum Plant (Rusal), Jamaica.
Damage - no.
Worked - 2013 -2018.
Model - TRGA-3G-08. ( 3units)
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
Object - Belogorsk, Russia. Communal boiler room for heat supply of the city
Damage - no.
Worked - 2009 -2018.
Model - TRGA-3G-10, 3G-40.
Link, Link.
Object - Oil terminal
(tank farm) Odessa, Ukraine
Damage - no.
Worked - 2013 -2020.
Model - TRGA-3G-08/ -05/ -20
Link. Link. Presentation.
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review
Object - Plesetsk, Russia
oil sludge open storage, processing.
Damage - no.
Worked - 2012 -2016.
Model - TRGA-3G-40.
Link, Link. Link.
Object - Stoilensky mining and processing plant, Russia. Factory boiler room
Damage - no.
Worked - 2012 -2016.
Model - TRGA-3G-15.
Link, Link.
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review  price
Object - Distillery. Gaysin, Ukraine. High viscosity molasses treatment. First homogenizer that does not stick.
Damage - no.
Worked - 2017 -2020.
Model - TRGA-3G-40.
Link. Link.
Object - Graphite quarry. Zavalye, Ukraine. Technological boilers.
Damage - no.
Worked - 2011 -2014.
Model - TRGA-3G-04, -05
Link, Link.
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review  price
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review  price
Object - Kazzinc,
Kazakhstan. Technological boilers (2 pcs.). Kiln. (1 pc.)
Damage - no.
Worked - 2016 -2020.
Model - TRGA-3G-04. ( 3 units)
Link. Link.
Object - Philippines, fuel oil production point with using sludge and pyrolysis liquid.
Damage - no.
Worked - 2015 -2018, 2018-20.
Model - TRGA-3G-04. ( 2 units)
homogenizer TRGA reliability efficiency review  price
Object - Transneft, Russia
Worked - 2019.
Model - TRGA-3G
Object - Orenburg, Russia.
First industrial unit to deodorize crude oil and reduce content of mercaptans / hydrogen sulfide.
Worked - 2020.
Model - TRGA-3G-50.
Link. Link.
What else ?

2009 - Our technology is recognized as the best completed energy-saving project in Ukraine. ( Kiev)
2010 - Third place in the national competition of energy-saving projects. ( Kiev)
2010 - Complete industrial test of RUSAL. (Guinea)
2011 - The first industrial unit to reduce the pour point of summer diesel ( Ukraine, Russia, Kazakstan).
2012 - Complete industrial test of on-board systems to save ship fuel. (Belgium)
2018 - One of the 30 best export technologies in Ukraine is the presentation of technology at the world exhibition. (Shanghai)
2018 - Transneft, Russia justified the use of the TRHA homogenizer to improve the combustion of boiler fuel, as the best choice for the price / quality criterion. (Moscow).
2019 - successful test - decrease in crude oil viscosity during reagent-free processing (Moscow).
2020 - Russia's first installation for deodorization of crude oil and blocking mercaptans. Productivity - 50 cubic meters per hour. Energy consumption - 0.5 kW / 1 cubic meter (Orenburg, Russia).

Certificates - marine Ukraine and marine IACS. Russian Technical Supervision, EU Certificate of Quality.

Practical experience - 18 years.

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